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The closest  airport to  us is Toulouse, which is  about an hour and a half away and we will meet and drop off participants there. In order to start the course on the afternoon of the first day, participants should aim to book flights which arrive late morning, and we would therefore recommend the first EasyJet flight out of London Gatwick (approx. 08.25), or the first BA flight   from   Heathrow   (07.35),   or   the   first   Ryanair   flight   out   of   Stansted (07.15). All of these flights are scheduled to arrive within an hour or so of each other and will allow us to combine airport transfers and get you to Arjac   in   time   for   lunch.   There   are   also   Manchester   (Flybe)   and   Bristol (EasyJet) flights later in the day for which it might also be possible to arrange transfers depending on demand (please check with us before booking).


In order to be able to squeeze as much teaching time into the course as possible, for the return flight we would recommend the last flights of the day which leave for Gatwick at 21.55 (EasyJet), for Heathrow at 17.35 (BA) and for Stansted at 23.05 (Ryanair). There are alternative flights back to the   UK   earlier   in   the   day,   but   please   check   with   us   before   booking   to ensure   that   we   have   enough   transport   and   drivers   to   cover   additional transfers.


Getting to Arjac by train is also possible, but is a longer option as there is no   TGV   line   to   our   neck   of   the   woods.   There   are   TGV   trains   advertised running via Bordeaux to Toulouse, but only the Paris to Bordeaux section is very high speed so the journey time is about 4 hours and twenty minutes. The other possibility is the service from Paris Austerlitz to Caussade (Tarn et   Garonne   82),   but   that   is   a   6   hour   trip.   We   can   meet   and   drop   off participants at Caussade or Toulouse stations.

How to get to the Mas d'Arjac

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